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Winsford Moot - this Sunday, 3pm.
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** The first Winsford moot will be happening this Sunday **

Place: Queen's Arms, Winsford
Date: Sunday 22nd November
Time: from 3pm

It's a quiet, wheelchair accessible Wetherspoons pub which serves food and real ale, as well as the usual, all at reasonable prices.
As a pale attempt at helping folk recognise us, there should be a picture of a pentagram sitting on our table, as long as I remember to bring it with me. Given how scatterbrained I am, this is quite unlikely, so just in case, I look something like this.

Hope to see you there!

Opening up this community
Slac Archive - Fox
I made it, left it, forgot about it, and now I've returned to it. I should probably have never left it alone for such a long time but I'm pretty sure that opening up the doors to membership would be the way to go. Hello to you all. Those who remember me from many years ago, I am Fox and I plan to be a little more active here.

Short and sweet - just how I like it!

Little cub returns
Slac Archive - Fox
It's been a long time since I've used livejournal or been on urp to say hello. I've grown a little since then. I'm now married and our first child is due next week (fingers crossed) so I felt I was ready to have a look at how i'd changed and how things were doing on the various communities.

I forgot that I set this community up originally and I think it's unfair that I have had it under my control for such a long time. It seems sensible to me that somebody more active take control of it so that it can grow; or not - it shouldn't be up to me.

I'm not sure how to go about it so I'm hoping for some suggestions. Public/private nominations? A general consensus? Either way, it would be great if you could help me decide who to pass it on to so that I can start returning to the community and sharing my experiences.


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mw francis2.jpg

saturday 21 october 2006

Mile End Road, London

Halloween Festival

doors open at noon

1 o'clock : Caitlin Matthews - Shamanism

2 o'clock : Prof Chris Knight - the Moon & Global Insurrection


3 o'clock Francis Cameron - Freemasons and Pagans

full supporting caste, music and dance in the main hall, stalls to entrance, refreshments too

Pagan Federation (Oxford)
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There is a local informal moot this coming Friday, October 14th, from 7:30 to 10 in a non smoking area (probably towards the back)of The Mitre, corner of High and Turl, Oxford. This is an open meeting. All interested Pagans are welcome to attend.

Next weekend - A couple of events in the South East.
Sprung Spring
On Saturday the 30th ButserAncient Farm are holding their annual Festival of Beltain. From the descriptions I've heard of last year's event (more pictures here) it's going to be a cracking night.

Meanwhile, Hastings will be spending the whole weekend in celebration with it's annual Jack In The Green festival. Program available here and pictures in too many places to list. My own account of last year's festivities is here, while gashinryu posted his own irreverent picture account here.

Any more for any more, then?

Wessex Gathering
Computer Bafflement

This years Wessex Gathering is from Friday the 3rd of June till Monday the 6th.

Tickets may sound pricey but this is a non profit making camp, every penny is ploughed in to security, workshops and entertainment.

It's child and dog friendly and an excellent weekend.

All details and ethos from

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Ok an article I'd been directed too Some may have seen it elsewhere:
TUC to seek new UK public holiday

You can vote for your favourite date (although the selection's not massive) by going to:

So what are people's thoughts on bank holidays. Since many of the dates presently in place weave their tendreals through the Christian heart of this country how do we reconcile the timings with those of the official holidays. Although many supposed Holy Days have very secular, or even Pagan flavour to them (Easter for example)

7rin adoption reunion chibi by maddmouse
Ok, just remembered this from last night and am throwing it open to all the places where I *might* be able to get a clue about this. Story is... I was sat in a pub last night with some of the lads from uni. (last day an' all that) and we got on to the subject of religion, and, because I'm me, I just had to mention my Lokeanism (see j, this is the Fundi stuff, and I *don't take the word as an insult). T looked somewhat stunned at this, and then we had a rather interestin' conversation... T's agnostic, but apparently well read on the subject of religion (his words, which I have no reason to doubt), but he mentioned a summat I've only come across in the film Dogma - namely Loki being an Angel. Now he's (T) admitted he may be mis-remebering this, so I'm not gonna hold my breath for any more info., but if anyone DOES know anything about Loki being an angel (not the Norse version iow), I'd be interested in finding out about it.

X-posted to just about everywhere I can think of that might have peeps with a vague idea of how true or not this is - apologies to those seeing it half a billion times.

Heads Up!
For them as is at a loose end this weekend and in the area, you could do a lot worse than visit Hastings for their Jack In The Green festival. I shall be heading down on Monday with the Small Person and the Tall Person. It'll be my first time (I've missed the last few years through the rude intrusion of various crises) but I've heard wonderful things.


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