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7rin adoption reunion chibi by maddmouse
7rin wrote in ukpagans
Ok, just remembered this from last night and am throwing it open to all the places where I *might* be able to get a clue about this. Story is... I was sat in a pub last night with some of the lads from uni. (last day an' all that) and we got on to the subject of religion, and, because I'm me, I just had to mention my Lokeanism (see j, this is the Fundi stuff, and I *don't take the word as an insult). T looked somewhat stunned at this, and then we had a rather interestin' conversation... T's agnostic, but apparently well read on the subject of religion (his words, which I have no reason to doubt), but he mentioned a summat I've only come across in the film Dogma - namely Loki being an Angel. Now he's (T) admitted he may be mis-remebering this, so I'm not gonna hold my breath for any more info., but if anyone DOES know anything about Loki being an angel (not the Norse version iow), I'd be interested in finding out about it.

X-posted to just about everywhere I can think of that might have peeps with a vague idea of how true or not this is - apologies to those seeing it half a billion times.

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now that is the BEST icon I've seen yet.. brilliant! heheheh

~grins~ Just been browsing the sinfest site, I couldn't resist!

For various and mostly lengthly reasons, I have been doing a lot of looking into stuff about angels. I can't find any mention of Loki as an angel in any of the information (the non-fluffy bunny stuff) I have. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't an angel called Loki as the angelic host numbers in the tens of thousands (if you take the writings in the Key and Testament's of Solomon as being correct and accurate) it is possible than one of this vast multitude is called Loki.

I could also apply to Bartleby, the other angel for Dogma.

*nods* Thanks for that.

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