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Little cub returns
Slac Archive - Fox
urper_fox wrote in ukpagans
It's been a long time since I've used livejournal or been on urp to say hello. I've grown a little since then. I'm now married and our first child is due next week (fingers crossed) so I felt I was ready to have a look at how i'd changed and how things were doing on the various communities.

I forgot that I set this community up originally and I think it's unfair that I have had it under my control for such a long time. It seems sensible to me that somebody more active take control of it so that it can grow; or not - it shouldn't be up to me.

I'm not sure how to go about it so I'm hoping for some suggestions. Public/private nominations? A general consensus? Either way, it would be great if you could help me decide who to pass it on to so that I can start returning to the community and sharing my experiences.


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Hello, Son! How've you been? *g* Gratz on the marriage and the baby! I've not been on urp for ages either - I've no idea who's on there these days. Don't have any suggestions for taking over the comm - sorry.

Wow. I'm really not good at keeping up. Hey *mum* I'm all grown up ;)

After my daughter was born last year I really lost time for everything. Today I was having a bit of nostalgia over this stuff and thought I'd log in to see what replies I had. I had no idea I'd taken a year to get back on here!

I'm going to have a quick post on urp to say hello as well

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